BS 101 curved Stairlift

BS 101 curved stairlift

Scoota Mart proud to announce the BS 101 stairlift, designed specifically to go on curved or more complicated staircases; it negotiates bends, landings and corridors with ease. The BS101's slim carriage and rail also makes it suitable for narrower staircases and when folded away leaves plenty of room for other stair users.

Operating the BS101 couldn't be simpler with push button controls or optional joystick it glides gentle up or down stairs with ease and the swivel seat makes getting on and off the stairlift easy and safe.

The stairlift's battery powered motor also ensures a smooth gentle ride and with automatic charging from the top and bottom of the rail you can be sure it is always ready to use, even in the event of a power cut.


  • Cushioned stop/start ensures smooth gentle ride
  • Battery powered- Stairlift works even in a power cut
  • Automatic charging at the base & top of the staircase ensures lift is always ready
  • Automatic slowing on bends ensures a comfortable ride
  • Swivel seat for ease of transfer on to top landing
  • Slim tubular rail is fixed to stair treads and can be tailored to fit either side of the staircase.
  • Hinged rail option available where the rail may obstruct a door or walkway means it can fold up out of the way when not in use
  • Top or bottom parking wraps or landing run-ons available for "Off Staircase Parking".
  • Fast Installation- the BS101 can be installed in hours
BS 101 curved stairlift
Dimensions: mm
Top of footrest to top of seat 503
Floor to top of footrest 94
Width between arms 479
Width across arms 619
Distance of rail from back of wall 152
Swivel arm radius from back of wall:
Standard arm 778
Reduced arm 748
Width with footrest down 675
Width with footrest folded 405
Spine to wall dimension 97
Footlplate size 295

Guarantees and Warranties:

Your BS101 stairlift is covered by a fully comprehensive 12-month guarantee from date of installation that includes cover for all parts, labour and call out. A full maintenance service with choice of cover is also available after the guarantee period ends, giving continued peace of mind.

A great variety of standard features make THE BS101 a deluxe curved stairlift choice.

The BS101 deluxe model custom stairlift offers a wide variety of features. The chair and track's compact design allow it to take up a minimum amount of room, making it an ideal option for narrow staircases. When not is use, the BS101 is easy to fold up, offering a convenient lever that raises the footrest without requiring a user to bend down, improving safety.

The BS101 deluxe stairlift features include:

  • A sturdy and reliable anodized track is standard. The track's legs attach to the staircase, not the wall, reducing the impact of installation. The track is custom-designed to fit your staircase, ensuring optimum performance and requiring the minimum amount of room.
  • The stairlift track has no exposed "gear teeth", making it one of the most attractive tracks in the curved stairway lift industry.
  • A super-quiet ride begins and ends smoothly and gently, and the entire journey is easily controlled with a simple armrest rocker switch.
  • Conveniently-located swivel handles allow riders to easily get on and off the chair. Once you have reached your destination, simply lift the swivel lever on the side of the unit, and turn the chair to exit.
  • An optional power swivel seat turns the chair in one direction at the top of stairs using a button on the remote control, improving chair accessibility and rider safety.
  • Long, adjustable armrests help riders support themselves when standing up or sitting down.
  • A maximum rider weight capacity of 265 lbs.

The BS101 comes with five color upholstery options of a durable woven fabric, helping the stairlift's chair to best fit your decor. The unit itself is constructed using easy-to-clean plastics and many powder-coated metal parts (not painted parts), making the stairlift resistent to chips and scratches.

Like all Stairlifts Today`s models, the BS101 utilizes DC powered, maintenance free, sealed lead acid batteries. Hidden charging units plug into any 13 amp socket and continually charge the unit's batteries, ensuring that your stairlift will operate for several cycles, even during power outages.

pdfThe BS 101 curved stairlift brochure (PDF format, 680 KB)