Help and information on bath lifts


If the bath lift battery is low, will I be stranded?

No, the bathlift won't go down if there is not enough charge to bring it back up again.

My bath lift isn't working - what's wrong?

If the side flaps or any other part of the bathlift are obstructed, the bathlift won't work.

A red light is showing on the bath lift handset - what's wrong?

If the red light is showing on the bathlift handset, the handset needs recharging. The bathlifter handset needs to be disconnected from the bathlift, and then plugged in. Once the bathlift is recharged, the light will change from red to green. A full charge normally takes 14 hours. If it still won't operate, or the light is still red, a new bathlift handset may be required.

Will I damage the bathlift handset if I leave it on charge?

The bathlift handset can be left on charge without damaging it. It is recommended that the bathlift handset be charged after every use. A fully charged bathlift will provide approximately 25 lifts up and down.

Is my bath lift portable?

Yes, you can take your bathlift with you.

Can I wash the bath lift covers?

Yes the covers are machine washable. The manual will recommend which cycle to use.

How do I clean my bath lift?

The bathlift manual will explain how to clean the bathlift.