Help and information on powerchairs

Most powerchairs, or electric wheelchairs, are similar to traditional wheelchairs in appearance. They have battery packs and electric motors fitted so that the user has independence without relying on others. Powerchairs can be beneficial to those with a limited range of mobility for whom a mobility scooter is not appropriate, and want to keep mobile. The powerchairs dual electric motors drive the back wheels independently which gives the powerchair a very small turning circle, and makes it ideal for indoor use. The powerchair is controlled by a joystick, which can be operated using just one hand. They are similar to a mobility scooter in terms of the braking system and battery charging methods. Some models of powerchair are fitted with a kerb climber to help getting up kerbs. The top speed of most powerchairs is usually 4mph and the range is approximately 10 miles.

Powerchair Questions

How do I disassemble / reassemble my powerchair?

Depending on the model, your powerchair may disassemble so that it will fit in a car boot, or for storage. The manual will explain exactly how to do this, and there are several different methods used by manufacturers. You should expect to remove the batteries, foot rests, cushion and fold the powerchair.

My powerchair doesn't work straight away - what's wrong?

Your powerchair has a slight delay between turning it on, and moving when you use the joystick. This is a safety feature to ensure that the powerchair doesn't move if you accidentally move the joystick, whilst getting on for example.

My powerchair beeps when I turn it on - what's wrong?

If your powerchair beeps when you turn it on, check that it is in gear, not in freewheel mode. There are usually 2 levers at the back of the power chair that puts it in freewheel mode. If you can't see the levers, the manual will advise. After putting it in gear, you will need to turn the powerchair off and on again.

My powerchair has no lights on when I turn it on - what's wrong?

Depending on the model of powerchair, some or all of the following may apply:

  • Check the battery is connected.
  • Check the battery pack is seated properly, and clean the contacts if dirty.
  • Check the battery is charged.
  • Check all components have been replaced properly if the scooter has been recently disassembled.
  • Check the fuse.
  • If the powerchair has not been used for a long time, and the batteries have not been charged, the batteries may need replacing.

If these steps don't help, charge the powerchair overnight and try again. If your powerchair still isn't working, please consult the manual and see if there is a troubleshooting guide, before contacting us for more assistance.

The lights on my powerchair are flashing - what' wrong?

If the lights are flashing on your powerchair, it may be in lock down mode, which prevents unauthorised usage. Turn it off, then on again, and press the horn twice. This will then restore the powerchair to normal status.

My powerchair has been left switched on for a short while, and now won't work.

Your powerchair may have a sleep or power-saving mode to preserve the battery life. Turn the scooter off and on again.

What maintenance procedures should I follow?

Your powerchair manual outlines the basic maintenance that your powerchair requires. Like a car, your powerchair requires an annual service. The powerchair service will check the mechanical operation of the powerchair, and will ensure that everything is functioning as it should. Our service engineers are fully manufacturer qualified, and the service can be performed in your home so that you are not without your powerchair. The service will take approximately two hours and can be arranged by contacting us.