Help and information on ramps


Why do I need a mobility ramp?

Mobility ramps can help you to put your scooter, powerchair or wheelchair into a car boot. They can help overcome small indoor steps, as well as larger flights of steps outside

What sort of ramps are available?

Vehicle ramps help you to put your mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair into a car boot. Indoor threshold ramps are for overcoming small steps in the home, or at work. Outdoor ramps can overcome steps and can be fitted with either one or two handrails. These can be permanent ramps or portable ramps. If the ramp installation is permanent then a fibreglass ramp with a handrail would be more appropriate.

How long does my ramp need to be?

If you are looking to buy a mobility ramp for your scooter, powerchair or wheelchair, please remember that the maximum slope for a wheelchair ramp should be 1" rise for every 12" of length (4.8° angle, or 8.3% gradient). For a mobility scooter or powerchair this is 1.5" rise for 12" length (7.1° or 12.5% gradient).

If these figures are a little daunting, or simply don't make sense, please contact us and one of our trained engineers will be able to assist you.