Help and information on Rise and Recline Chairs


My rise and recline chair will not work - what's wrong?

Your manual may have a troubleshooting guide which may answer your question. Depending on the model of chair, some or all of the following may apply:

  • Check that the riser recliner chair is plugged in at the mains, and the other end is plugged into the transformer.
  • Check that the mains socket is switched on.
  • Check that there is nothing stopping the chair from rising or reclining (such as a wall), as this will hamper the chairs ability to recline, and the motor could burn out.

If your rise and recline chair still isn't working, please consult the manual and see if there is a troubleshooting guide before contacting us for more assistance.

My rise and recline chair constantly beeps - what's wrong?

If your riser recliner chair beeps it may be an indication of a mechanical fault with the chair. If this is the case please contact us as problems of this nature can not usually be solved by the user.

How often should my rise and recline chair be serviced?

Please consult the user manual for the manufacturer's recommendation. As a guide, your riser recliner chair will need servicing annually. This can be arranged by contacting us.

How often should I replace the riser and recline chair's batteries?

Some Riser Recliner chairs have a battery back up so that in the event of a power cut the user isn't stranded. The manual will advise how often to replace these batteries.