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Latest Mobility Products

Most recent additions to our mobility scooter catalogue including 3 wheel scooters, 4 wheel scooters three wheel scooters and four wheel scooters.

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Electric mobility scooter supplier UK. All scooters and powerchairs are available to both UK and worldwide customers.

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Latest disability products

Scoota Mart Maxi GTE


The New 2015 mobility scooter is here... ScootaMart…

Excel Galaxy II


The best selling scooter for the last 4 years has been upgraded further. With over two years research and devlopment the all new Excel Galaxy II is certainly going to stand out from…

Invacare Fox Powerchair


The Fox is a brand new powerchair available from Invacare. An impressive rear-wheel drive powerchair, it strikes a balance between affordability and customisation, coming in as cheaper…

Esprit Action 4 NG


The Esprit Action 4 NG is a compact, lightweight power wheelchair, suitable for easy transportation. All the advantages of driving a power wheelchair indoor and outdoor, without the…

Invacare Dragon Electric Wheelchair


The Invacare Dragon Electric Wheelchair is a solid and cost effective power chair that provides excellent indoor and outdoor manoeuvrability. The new seat height and tilt feature can…

Invacare Mirage Electric Wheelchair


The Invacare Mirage is a transportable power wheelchair that provides users with increased comfort and confidence through its unique balance when driving over uneven surfaces. Its compact…

Invacare Apollo Electric Wheelchair


The Invacare Apollo Electric Wheelchair is available as both an indoor and an indoor/outdoor model. With a small wheelbase, the Indoor MkIV is more manoeuvrable in and around the home,…

Invacare Spectra Plus Electric Wheelchair


The Spectra Plus from Invacare is another great all round powered wheelchair. It's sheer adjustability makes it a market leader in it's class. This indoor/outdoor powerchair is now…

Invacare Spectra Blitz Electric Wheelchair


The Invacare Spectra Blitz Electric Wheelchair is a versatile power chair for children. Its compact design provides excellent mobility and driving performance. The seat is highly adaptable…

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