Mobility Franchises from ScootaMart

A ScootaMart franchise allows you to participate in our fast-growing market of mobility scooters, powerchairs, wheelchairs and mobility aids, without any of the pitfalls commonly associated with starting a brand new business without any knowledge or backup.

The level at which you wish to participate is down to you, whether it be to start off on a part-time basis or to run your ScootaMart franchise alongside an already existing business, or even to develop the business and open multiple branches.

We wish to develop mobility franchises all over Europe but we will not put two dealerships in close proximity in order to maximise the earning potential of each dealer.

We are one of the UK’s premier mobility retailers, with decades of experience in the market. The exceptional buying power we have can be passed on to our mobility franchises, enabling them to by products at the best possible price.

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What does a ScootaMart Mobility Franchise offer me?

  • Sales and after sales training
  • Finance sales packages
  • Insurance
  • Accountancy
  • VAT assistance
  • Purpose built mobility database
  • IT assistance
  • Service back up
  • Sales leads
  • Web prominence ( has more first page entries on Google, Yahoo,, Live Search and many others than ANY other mobility-themed website)
  • Fantastic selection of all the latest mobility scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs and much much more.

Points to consider

ScootaMart Mobility Franchise

Well-established trade name

You will have the right to use an established trade name, marks, logo and style. The UK franchise business will be indistinguishable from others in the network.

Known products & services

Your products and services already have wide public acceptance.

Expert training

Training is essential if you are changing career. Our experienced staff and technical team will provide you with full and comprehensive training on all aspects of the business.

Proven track record for success

The business works well elsewhere and has a proven successful track record.

The complete mobility franchise package

You’re buying a complete UK business franchise format (more information available on request, please see below).

National advertising & support

National advertising will be undertaken by us, and local advertising is up to you. You will be given guidance and materials for this.

Unparalleled sourcing

We have the strongest buying power in the industry, the saving we make through bulk-buying are passed straight on to you.

Ongoing Help & Support

You will have the benefit of on-going support and technical assistance from staff with many years experience in the industry.

Prime Locations

Scoota Mart will help and advise on your choice of location and guarantee that no other franchise is allowed to open up within the same area.

Excellent Customer Service and Reviews

Recently bought a wheelchair for my mum. It came at a great price, with efficient delivery. I would recommend ScootaMart to anybody looking for mobility help.


I would like to thank the whole team at ScootaMart for the first-class service that they provided when my DRIVE rollator arrived oversized. The problem was sorted quickly and efficiently.