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Mobility Equipment Covers, Capes and Canopies

Large selection of scooter, wheelchair and powerchair covers. Supplied UK and worldwide

Electric mobility scooters Uk Scooter Supplier

Electric mobility scooter supplier UK. All scooters and powerchairs are available to both UK and worldwide customers.

Mobility scooters UK, scooters for disabled people

Mobility equipment

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Capes, canopies and covers mean that you can get out and about on your scooter, powerchair or wheelchairs come rain or shine. These specially designed covers slip on easily and are designed to keep your mobility product as dry as possible, and, more importantly, to keep YOU nice and dry!

Picking the correct scooter/wheelchair cover can be tricky, so why not contact us, let us know what scooter, powerchair or wheelchair you want a cover for and let us do the work for you!

All Canopies (31)

Motability finance available on lots of mobility scooters!
Motability finance available on lots of mobility scooters!

All Canopies (31)

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