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Canopies - Simplantex Scooter Capes

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Scooter Capes The Recommended Retail Price is £50 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

For complete wind and rain protection from head to toe, including your scooter. Velcro slots accommodate your scooters mirrors whilst retaining maximum waterproofing. The clear front panel enables you to clearly view the controls whilst ensuring that you can safely use your lights.

Features an easy to use single zip fastening, enabling you to climb in and out of the scooter with ease.

Small - Length: 112cm, Width: 64cm
Medium - Length: 124cm, Width: 64cm
Large - Length: 132cm, Width: 64cm.

Now universal - one size fits both 3 and 4 wheel scooters!

Handy Healthcare Canopies
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