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The Electric Mobility Rascal 600C Mobility Scooter is one of the latest generation of the ever-popular range of electric scooters incorporating the patented ConvertAbleT option, which allows the front end of the scooter to be changed in order to convert the Electric Mobility Rascal 600C scooter to a different model.

The Electric Mobility Rascal 600C electric scooter can convert to either the 4 wheel 600F, or the 3 wheel 600T mobility scooter, simply by changing the front end.

The Electric Mobility Rascal 600C disabled scooter has a unique tiller system which makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight situations such as indoors, and is ideal for those people more used to a powerchair or a wheelchair.

With over 20 years experience of design innovation, the Electric Mobility Rascal 6 remains the ideal scooter range for people with different or changing mobility scooter requirements.

Designed to make your life as easy as possible, the Electric Mobility 600 mobility scooter range includes three 4-wheeled scooters: the 600F, 615 and 625, a 3-wheeled scooter, the 600T, and for those people more familiar with a powerchair, the Electric Mobility Rascal 600C mobility scooter.

Each model in the Electric Mobility Rascal 6 mobility scooter series comes with a lifetime frame guarantee and is fitted with the very latest digital controller to ensure an ultra-smooth start/stop process.

The Electric Mobility Rascal 600C mobility scooter has a maximum range of 25 miles, and a maximum user weight of 32 stone / 204Kg.
  • Unique tiller system makes it ideal for those more used to a powerchair or wheelchair
  • Comfortable foot plate flips up for easy storage and transferring
  • Upholstered leather-like grey vinyl seat swivels 360° and has removable, flip-up armrests and a fold down back
  • Convenient built-in battery charger for recharging at any standard household outlet
  • Short wheelbase with tight turning radius for added manoeuverability indoors
  • New 70 amp digital controller for smooth, constant acceleration and deceleration up/down hills
  • Full lighting package for better visibility
  • "Just-One-Hand" Controls for easy starting, stopping and steering
  • "Whisper Quiet" removable drivetrain and powerful 1.5 hp electric scooter motor
  • Puncture resistant air-filled non-marking tyres
  • Regenerative braking system for smooth stops, and automatic parking brake for no roll-back on hills


Adjustable speedtick
Maximum range25 miles
Maximum speed4 mph
Maximum user weight204 kg
Number of wheels4
Road legalcross
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