Space Saver Rollator The Recommended Retail Price is £209 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

The frame on this aluminium rollator is designed on an A-shape to enable the front legs to sit within the rear legs when folded, saving valuable space when storing or transporting the rollator. The rear legs are spaced well apart, allowing plenty of room for walking and manoeuvring. The padded backrest is detachable. A nylon bag is fitted under the seat, which not only ensures the contents stay hidden away, it enables the walker to be folded away without it having to be removed.

200mm (8") castors. Width between handles 438mm (17¼"). External width 570mm (22½"). Seat height 520mm (20½"). Handle height is adjustable between 780 to 890mm (303/4 to 35"). Weight 5.2kg.
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