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Scoota Mart stock a large range of wheelchairs for sale, both manual and electric. We also stock both self propelled and attendant wheelchairs. The efficiency of a wheelchair can be measured easily in a non-scientific way. The user can simply see how far they move in a given wheelchair, on a given surface in just one push. Because of the number of joints, and weight of the steel of aluminium, a folding wheelchair loses a lot of energy, so a folding wheelchair won't move as far as a rigid wheelchair per push. A titanium sport wheelchair weighs roughly a third of the weight of a standard steel folding wheelchair, and so will move much further per push. This is an important consideration when choosing a wheelchair.

A small selection of the wheelchairs we offer is available to view online below. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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Motability finance available on lots of mobility scooters!
Motability finance available on lots of mobility scooters!

All Wheelchairs (33)

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