Excel G5 Modular Heavy Duty Wheelchair The Recommended Retail Price is £499 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for an alternative.

Aluminium lightweight wheelchair for (semi) permanent use which comes as a self propel with 24 inch rear wheels, but also available as a transit wheelchair with 12 ½ inch rear wheels.

Max. user weight: 130 kg (150 kg at sw 50 and 55 cm, 175 kg at 60 cm)

The Excel G5 Modular in standard specification is equipped with:

. A silver frame colour combined with a gold/ light blue side frame (more colour combinations available)
. Self propel with large rear wheels 24" x 1?"
. Front castors 8" x 1¼" (polyurethane)
. Quick¬release axles on rear wheels
. Back height easily adjustable to 42 ½, 45 and 47½ cm inches, using "crank" mechanism,
. Backrest equipped with 8 tension straps
. Tension adjustable seat upholstery, adjustable seat depth
. Seat cushion with Van Os logo
. Height adjustable, flip backwards and removable armrests with depth adjustable armpads
. Swing¬away design and detachable footrests with adjustable height footplate
. Width¬adjustable footplates with nylon strap heel, option to create footboard
. Angle adjustable footplate 90¬105 degrees
. Height adjustable, swing away and removable footrests
. Back tension bar with folding mechanism
. Height and angle adjustable push handles
. Clearly visible transportation fixation points
. Crutch holder
. Wide range of sizes: 6 seat depths, 8 seat widths and 7 seat heights
. Adjustable wheelbase via rear plate, both vertical and horizontal adjustments
. Rear wheel camber adjustable
. Wide range of options and accessories
. Compliant with new Silver Seating System

Different transit wheelchair specifications:
. Rear wheels, 12 ½ inch, plastic
. Seat height standard 50 cm
. Max. user weight: 130 kg (150 kg at sw 50 and 55 cm, 175 kg at 60 cm)

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