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Auriga Mobility Scooter



Revolving seat – Enables easy access getting in and out of the seat
Reclining backrest – Adjustment for individual comfort
Safety belt – The standard safety belt provides support while driving
Handle bar – An ergonomic handle bar enables light and easy turning
Throttle – The throttle can be operated by a light "pull function"
Key switch – The key is fitted with a "good grip"
Robust bumpers for additional protection of mouldings
Scuff protectors – Prevents scratches on mouldings
On-board charger
Charger status window
Disengaging lever
Folding rear basket
Crutch & Cane holder

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Product Description

The Invacare Auriga

A touch of class
The Invacare® Auriga has been designed with the latest trends in mind- and incorporates the most up to date features for ease of use. Designed for comfort and safety- the Invacare Auriga allows you daily independence in style. The latest addition is the Invacare Auriga10 available in a 4-wheel version with a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

Powerful and easy to manoeuvre
The Invacare® Auriga is highly maneuverable- offering spacious legroom- a powerful motor and a maximum user weight of 150 kg- thus ensuring safety and reliability. The ergonomic handle bar allows lighter turning. The Invacare® Auriga10 also incorporates an adjustable spring suspension- which ensures smooth- comfortable driving with a top speed of 10 km/h.

Easy controls for that safe driving experience
Easy to read and adjustable controls with good steering ensures you can drive safely. The easy touch buttons respond immediately and a small yellow light indicates when the button is activated. Adjust the speed by turning the "speed dial" or use the "speed switch" to change from full speed to relaxed speed. A unique design of the tiller allows the user to easily adjust the tiller angle to the optimal driving position. Also the tiller remains horizontal at all times ensuring the controls are always in plain view.

Driving comfort and easy transfer
The turning seat and swing-up armrest allow easy transfer into and out of the Auriga and Auriga10. An optimal driving position can be obtained by adjusting seat height and horizontal seat position. The width and height of the armrests are also adjustable- and the reclining backrest can be angled to your requirements. In short- your driving position is completely adjustable for your safety- comfort and for easy transfer.

Easy to transport
The powerful on board charger makes it simple to recharge- even far away from home. The quick release mechanism easily dismantles the scooter to fit into a car- allowing the scooter to be transported to remote destinations for country drives. Finally the Auriga can be tailored to meet personal requirements by selecting from a range of accessories.

Additional Information

Max Speed


Road Legal


Safe Climb angle (Deg.)


Adjustable Speed


Battery Size

2 x 30 Ah