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The Cambridge



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The Cambridge is a Wall Hugger: this means that when the chair reclines the whole chair moves forward away from the wall thus saving space in the room – it requires less than 5″ behind the back.

* The chair is upholstered either in Mushroom “suede” (Microfibre)- or in Diamond Beige or Wicker fabric.

* The back has three separate cushions each of which can be adjusted to suit the contours of the user’s back.

* The stuffing can be reduced and/or re-positioned to provide customised support where it is needed.

* The leg support has continuous padding from thigh to calf.

* The legrest first is raised and then the back reclines whilst the complete chair moves forward away from the wall or other obstacle.

* Seat height 19″- width 20″- depth 19″. Max user weight is 18st

* Covering: Mushroom “suede” (Microfibre)- or Diamond Beige or Wicker fabric

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