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Drive Medical ST2 Mobility Scooter


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Product Description

The Drive Medical ST2 has smooth contours and integrated bumpers- the Drive Medical ST2 is a stylish mobility scooter of which you can be proud. It has been designed to be extremely easy to dismantle and assemble- making it perfect for putting in the car boot to take on day trips and holidays. The Drive ST2 is also ideal if you need a scooter which can be compactly stored when not in use.

Drive Medical ST2 Key Features

* Suitable for pavements and footpaths
* 4 mph top speed
* 10 mile range
* Lightweight wireless frame splits into five sections to make it easy to lift
* Anti-roll back safety system to prevent the scooter from rolling back when executing a hill start
* Freewheel lever allowing you to move the scooter without switching on the motor
* Puncture-proof tyres for safety and peace of mind
* Integrated bumpers
* Off-board battery charging station to charge the battery inside while leaving your scooter outside
* Scooter can stand on its rear end to make it much easier to store- taking up far less floor space
* On-board diagnostics
* Metallic Blue finish
* 18 st/115 kg maximum user weight
* 1 year warranty

Drive Medical ST2 Technical Specifications

* Maximum user weight.. 18 st / 115 kg
* Length.. 99cm / 39″
* Width.. 50.5cm / 20″
* Height.. 87cm / 34″
* Ground clearance.. 4cm / 11/2″
* Seat width.. 40cm / 16″
* Seat depth.. 31cm / 12″
* Backrest height.. 23cm / 9″
* Seat height from deck.. 38cm / 141/2″
* Seat height from ground.. 48.5cm / 19″
* Heaviest part.. 3 st / 20 kg
* Battery.. x2 12V. 12Ah
* Motor size.. 250W

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