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Rascal Alex



Unique Suspension
4-pole high torque motors
High seating comfort
Very manoeuvrable and compact

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Product Description

Meet Alex – The ultimate performance powerchair. For
many people using a power wheelchair comfort is an absolute
must- particularly when it is intensively used outside. This is
exactly what Alex has to o er: unprecedented driving comfort.
Its unique VIA suspension system- absorbs not only heavy
bumps but even the smallest of vibrations. Alex is equipped
with renowned electronics and the QLASS seating
system – a proven quality seating system with a wide range
of powered options. New in the Alex family is the Alex Short
Base- this compact chair has a short wheelbase which means
it has an even shorter turning circle. This makes Alex
not only the best option for driving outdoors but also a
great solution indoors. With its contemporary design and
choice ofcolour accents the Alex is just the chair for YOU!

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