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Strata 8 Mobility Scooter



Suspension: Front and Rear
Drive System: REar-wheel drive- sealed transaxle- 24-volt DC motor
Dual braking system: Regenerative and electromechanical
High visibility automatic rear brake lighting system
Exclusive one hand feather touch dissassembly provides the ultimate quick transport system
Long lasting- high intensity LED headlight- taillight and indicators
Exclusive stylish- lightweight- non-marking- low profile wheels
Auto-connecting front to rear harness
Delta tiller with wraparound handles
New LED battery meter for increased accuracy and visibility in any setting
Includes pinchless hinges & eight-position seat rotation
Easy-grip tiller adjustment knob
Easy access- tiller-mounted charger port for standard dual voltage off-board charger
Rearview mirror standard

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Product Description

The all-new compact Strata 8 Scooter features a sleek- sporty design and delivers high-performance operation. Just some of the standard features include a handbrake- front and rear suspension- feather-touch disassembly- a wraparound delta tiller- high-visibility automatic brake lights and an LED kerb light. These features combine to make the Strata 8 a superb scooter at an exceptional price.

With a capacity of over 25 stone The Strata 8 is a capable performer both on the road and pavement with a range of 20 miles per charge. Oversized 10inch wheels front and rear and 3.25 inch ground clearance ensure that the Strata is not bothered by curbs.

The Strata 8 is the perfect blend of form and function and is a worthy flagship to the range.

Additional Information

Max Speed


Battery Size

2 x 12 volts 45 AH

Battery Charger Size(amps)


Turning Radius(cm)


Ground Clearance(cm)


Seat Width(cm)


Seat Depth (cm)


Rear Tyre size

10 x 25.4

Front Tyre Size

9 x 25.4

Overall width (folded)(cm)


Overall weight (kg)


Overall length (unfolded) (cm)