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Travelux Infineon 4



Extra emphasis on ride comfort and shock absorption
Special ergonomic chair
Innovative design

Product Description

The Travelux Infineon 4 is specially designed for those whom comfort is important. The Travelux Infineon 4 is equipped with an anatomically shaped seat that provides 40% more lateral support. The scooter is equipped with adaptive LED lights whose intensity increases in proportion to the speed and is also equipped with LED indicators- side lights and city lights. In addition- the brake lights are also carried out in LED lighting. The steering is simple angle adjustable and the seat is standard 360 ° swivel and height adjustable. By means of a seat member- the seat is also adjustable in depth.

The Travelux Infineon 4 is also equipped with a digital dashboard.

This scooter has been redefined from the base: in the development stage- use was made of very advanced technologies that originated in the automotive industry and guarantee renewal. In addition- the appearance of the “scooter” metamorphosis- resulting in a contemporary styled design that users from each age group will be seen. Also available in 3-wheel Short Wheelbase performance and 3-wheel Long Wheelbase execution.

Additional Information

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