Used mobility scooters and other mobility equipment

We have a large range of second hand mobility scooters for sale and other used mobility equipment available at all of our mobility showrooms. Please contact us for details of which models we have in stock right now!

Benefits of a used mobility scooter

There are several benefits to buying a used mobility scooter
  • - You can get a high quality heavy duty scooter for the same price as a cheap new one.
  • - You can get a mobility scooter quicker; you don't have to wait until you have saved enough money.
  • - Scooters might also have a warranty period left so you won't have to buy one straight away.
  • - Purchasing a secondhand scooter can save hundreds of pounds without sacrificing quality.
  • - Allows you the opportunity to purchase a mobility scooter already equipped by the previous owner with many of the accessories that will add to your comfort and convenience without your having to incur additional costs.

One of the first questions you should think about is what will I need a mobility scooter for? Is it for shopping trips or slightly longer trips to visit friends or relatives in the locality?

Mobility scooters are available in three and four wheel varieties. The three wheel models are usually lighter and smaller than the four wheel types and, as a result, less sturdy. On the other hand a four wheel mobility scooter is often more stable due to its size and weight. The four wheel scooter may be better suited to someone who is big built, due to the scooter's additional size. You should also consider what type of terrain you plan to use your mobility scooter on.

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